Twilight Sleep Dentistry (IV sedation)

What is Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry is the use of intravenous (“IV”) sedation administered and supervised by a qualified and experienced medical doctor. It is often referred to as “Twilight Sleep” or “Twilight Sedation” or “Conscious Sedation”. It is the most advanced form of dental sedation available and uses a combination of sedative and pain relieving drugs to create a drowsy and dream-like state of deep, calming relaxation for the entire duration of your dental procedure. It is a modern, safe and highly effective technique that will make your visit to the dentist a relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Before You Have Sedation

Absolutely nothing to eat for 6 hours prior to your scheduled appointment
(not even a small bite).

Absolutely nothing to drink for 2 hours prior to your scheduled appointment
(not even a small sip. Also no chewing gum or lollies).

Initial Consultation

This pre-anaesthetic consultation allows the doctor to discuss your medical history, explain the entire procedure of Sleep Dentistry to you, and answer all your questions. It is a good idea to have your escort present at this time so that he or she can hear about the whole sedation process, and particularly what happens when it is all finished and you go home.

The Sedation

We take our time getting you to the proper, relaxed state. Don’t worry – the dentist will not start anything until you are properly sedated – you won’t even be aware of the injections in the mouth! Slowly and gradually, you will slip into a very pleasant, warm and relaxing dream-like state – not quite awake and not quite asleep. During this time you will be unaware of, and undisturbed by the noises, tastes, sights and smells of the dental procedure, or of the needles, drilling or instruments in the mouth. There is no pain, no anxiety and no discomfort.

Although deep enough to be relaxed, comfortable and unaware, you are still able to cooperate with the dentist when asked. Afterwards, you will drift off again with no recollection of it ever happening. It is an amazing property of Sleep Dentistry that when it is all over, you tend not to remember any of it at all. You are left with a heightened sense of well being. It feels as though you slept right through the entire dental procedure and that time has passed by in the blink of an eye. In fact you were actually hovering between being awake and being asleep. It must be remembered that this is not general anaesthetic (GA). In a GA, you are rendered deeply unconscious and unresponsive.


This is the “waking up” period that takes place after the dental treatment is completed. During this time you will continue to be monitored by the doctor. Recovery from sedation is usually fairly brief, although this too can vary from patient to patient depending on doses of drugs used, length of treatment, individual tolerances, sensitivities and metabolism. After recovery your escort can take you straight home.

After wards you MUST NOT:

– Drive a motor vehicle
– Drink alcohol or take sedatives or sleeping pills
– Do housework of any kind (cooking, cleaning gardening, ironing, etc.)
– Operate any tools or machinery
– Exercise or engage in any strenuous activities
– Go to work, conduct business at home, sign documents, or make important decisions
– Go out anywhere (even if accompanied)

24 Hour Emergency

In case you may be worried or have a question to ask, you can get into contact with us 24 hours a day. It helps to know some one is there if you need them