Eco Technology

Energy Conservation Through Digital Radiography

Switching to digital radiography uses less energy than previous methods, and is also more effective. The amount of energy used to transmit digital radio waves is so much less than analogue, which makes it friendlier to the environment. As an added bonus, you aren’t exposed to high levels of radiation. These digital x-rays emit 90 percent less radiation.

Digital radiography also eliminates the use of film, development chemicals, and lead foil papers – materials, which are harmful to the environment. Digital radiography also completely eliminates the propagation of toxic chemicals and heavy metals (lead and silver) that could enter and contaminate our water.

Digitized Records Reduce Paper Consumption

At eco Dental we aim to be a “paperless” practice, we still have paper in the office however where paper is used it is 100% recycled paper. . Initiatives such as digitized instead of paper records, email confirmations, electronic billing and insurance claims, and cardboard box and paper recycling are our efforts at saving our forests and trees.

Non-Invasive Dental Procedures in Green Dentistry

Non-invasive procedures such as the use of lasers and high tech diagnostic tools reduce the time and environmental impact of maintaining and improving your dental health.