What Is Dental Implants

Implants are basically titanium inserts that become Incorporated into your jaw bones, which then can have crowns, bridges and connections attached to replace one, a few, or all your missing teeth. There are many considerations in deciding whether or not implants will suit you, but this will be discussed when consulting with Dr Rooein.

Dental implants have become a routine part of everyday dentistry with reportedly up to 98% success rates. Not every dentist can offer you dental implants, as further training and education is required. Some dentists may offer a referral to a specialist, and some may not even suggest it at all.

Benefits of implants!

Dental implants have become an important part of modern dentistry, with millions of people already benefiting from the use of implants. Implants can provide you with outstanding aesthetic, functional, and long term results in the right situations. Whether your looking to replace a missing tooth, a few or all your missing teeth, or sick and tired of loose dentures, implants may be for you.
If you are missing one, a few or all your teeth, or even if you have loose dentures, call +61 2 9566 4400 to arrange a consultation today with Dr Rooein.