Porcelain Crowns and Bridges



Crowns and bridges are artificial coverings over teeth used to restore broken, weakened, non-aesthetic or missing teeth. It generally takes 2 appointments for this process.

A CROWN is one “cap” over an existing tooth. A crown is required to restore function or aesthetics or both! With a crown you may transform a weakened non-aesthetic tooth to a beautiful strong tooth!

A BRIDGE is used when one or more teeth are missing. Simply it’s placing a crown on 2 or more teeth joined together to close the gaps. This gives the illusion of “no gaps”.


Tooth preparation
Shaving the tooth in an appropriate manner to facilitate the construction and insertion of a crown or bridge.

Taking an impression with an accurate material to which the dental technician can fabricate the crown.
Temporary Crown or bridge
A temporary crown or bridge will be made in most cases to sit in place of the permanent crown or bridge until its made by the technician. The permanent crown usually will be inserted 7-10 days later.

The technician creates a model to which the crown or bridge will be customised.

Crown Fabrication completed by technician
The crown is completed and sent back to the dentist 7-10 days later.

Final Insertion
The crown or bridge is inserted onto the teeth permanently with a special cement.